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We have a beautiful, huge, old Holly tree in our front yard which I admire and cherish. Since the Holly tree symbolizes growth, stamina, protection, endurance and fertility it seemed the perfect tree to use for this sand carved design that represents both the love and the coming together of two people. This design has been commissioned for Bride's gifts, Groom's gifts, wedding gifts, engagement gifts and as a "Get out of the Dog House" gift (minus the date!).

The wonderful thing about sand carved glass is that as the years go by and d├ęcor tastes change this piece can easily be updated with a new background mat and/or frame, so it will always have a place in any decorative setting.

The LOVE TREE is custom designed and sand carved on 1/4 inch thick glass.

The glass itself is 16" X 20" which fits standard size frames.
(A large selection of frames and mats are available at stores such as Michael's)

The glass only, with or without a date included, $275.00 plus shipping and handling

I can mat and frame the carved glass and include a special message
on the back if that is your preference.

Glass framed with the backside finished off in black w/wo message is
$375.00 plus shipping and handling